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The debt ceiling, Pride Month, and finding an arthritis-friendly place to retire

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Seniors and others who rely on Social Security may be able to breathe easier as we inch closer to squaring away the debt ceiling. Although don’t get too comfortable, we’ve still got the trust fund dwindling down and little political will to get anything done before the 11th hour. What’s the strategic reason for leaving something this important to the last minute?

Brett Arends pointed out why the push to cut IRS workers just ends up hurting Social Security recipients, which hopefully will be all of us.

We’re still stressed anyway, Brett also wrote a column about some research that showed Americans were more worried about having enough money for retirement than they were about death, my beloved Generation X is heavily featured in this one.

It’s Pride Month and we’ve got a great column from Beth Pinsker about financial planning for LGBTQ+ investors. There are things people should know, especially with challenges to legal rights in some states.

Jessica Hall helped a reader who wanted to retire somewhere that would be friendly to his pension and his arthritis; she gave him some good ideas and if you have a question for her you can write to us at

Jessica also profiled a female funeral home director and learned that the funeral industry is seeing more female workers join the ranks — more than twice the amount of men.

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