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News and advice to give you a leg up in the world of jobbing.

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Bed Bath & Beyond employees’ final days bring chaos, confusion and rude customers: ‘It’s all a mess’

Employees report insensitive customers, uncertainty over severance, and disorganized shipments as the bankrupt retailer winds down operations.

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‘We need an equity approach to the climate crisis’: When air quality declines, low-income people and communities of color suffer most

Communities of color have long faced the negative effects of air pollution, including more severe asthma symptoms.

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Here’s one way women can feel more empowered when thinking about their finances

Also: How a young executive is transforming an already good restaurant chain, an investment bootcamp and different approaches to dividend stocks.

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Salesforce is trying a ‘cute gimmick’ to get workers back to the office, but it may fall flat

Meanwhile, Google is cracking down, telling employees that office attendance could affect performance reviews.

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‘Like unfiltered cigarettes’: Why is wildfire smoke so dangerous for the lungs?

'Wildfire smoke is 10 times more harmful to children’s respiratory health than other types of air pollution,' says Dr. Lisa Patel.

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Air conditioners help with wildfire smoke, right? Not necessarily. Here’s why.

A common myth is that air conditioners — specifically in-window units — bring outdoor air inside.