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Retirement news and analysis

From MarketWatch:

80% of Gen Xers think they’ll never fully retire — and that may be good news for this group: For some, retirement seems like an impossible dream. 

55% of women don’t know if they have enough money saved. Here’s what you can do now: Women face many obstacles when it comes to retirement planning, but there are quick fixes to begin improving their future security. 

How to get higher long-term investing returns while you keep your peace of mind: Here are 10 lessons you can take away for when you’re ready to invest. 

Also on MarketWatch: 

You may be betting one-sixth of your retirement portfolio on TV’s Jim Cramer

Wish you had grandchildren? Here’s a golden opportunity.

Americans are ‘more afraid of running out of money than death’

‘A funeral isn’t just a day in the life — it’s a life in a day.’ Women in the funeral industry are finding their calling.

‘This high mortgage rate is killing me,’ but I’m retiring this year — should I withdraw money from my 403(b)?

We want to retire somewhere with pleasant winters. Our budget is $600,000-$700,000. Where should we go?

I’m 65 with more than $5 million saved and I can’t figure out how to spend it fast enough to avoid an RMD disaster

Financial jargon is scaring people into not saving for retirement

More in retirement news:

Bryan Cranston Plans on Retiring from Acting in 2026 for Wife Robin: ‘I Want to Change the Paradigm’ (People)

Americans are retiring earlier than they’d expected: survey (New York Post)

Need a push to save for retirement? This 401(k) gives you up to $250 cash back (CBS News)

Column: Retirement-age fathers of young children not that rare (Chicago Tribune

Retirement in France vs. U.S.: In wake of strikes, who has it better? (USA Today)

How the retirement age for judges in New York could increase (Spectrum News)

Research and Insight:

How much should you have saved for retirement at your age? It’s complicated (CNN)

Union Retirement Plan Trustees Can’t Shake Workers’ Claims (Law360)

Americans trading retirement savings for present spending, Allianz Life survey says (The Business Journals

‘New retirement reality’ undermines planning, survey finds (McKnight’s Senior Living)

Auto-enrollment is highly effective but often more costly (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

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